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What Our Riders Say!

Being relatively new to Houston, I just recently found SBEC and I LOVE it!! I have been riding for 13 years now, and I am so impressed with everything at SBEC. They have many lesson horses to ride, and they are all sweet, safe, and sound. The horses are so well cared for, and there is such a mutual respect between horses and humans here, which translates from the ground to the saddle. The horses are very happy, and that is super important to me. Cathy is a very knowledgeable and thorough instructor who provides individualized critiques to her students even in group lessons. Also, everyone I've met here is very kind and welcoming, and the students really support each other. Finally, the facilities are really nice and well cared for as well. I am so happy to have found this barn!

- Jessica

I started riding here in high school after several other barns, and through college, grad school, and adulthood, continue to lesson and now board my horse. I've made lifelong friendships, and my horse is happy, well-trained, and well cared for because of SBEC. 

Quality instructors and training with lessons for kids through retired adults, carefully organized by age, skill level, and school/work schedules. Horses' best interests are kept in mind through training and care, with staff knowing your horse practically as well as you do. Well cared for facility that is continually improved, with show quality lesson horses. Shows are fun to attend with a good group of people and a trainer who provides calm, knowledgeable guidance.

- Katharine

Southern Breeze is a WONDERFUL place! My horse, Bones, has been boarded there for about 2.5 years and he LOVES it! How do I know he loves it? When I get him out of the pasture, he is so calm, so content -- it does my heart good. He is an Arabian, so he can be a little silly sometimes, but he's been very calm at Southern Breeze. In general, it seems to me that all the horses are happy there. They certainly are well cared for. The staff and the people who frequent Southern Breeze are great and I have made many new friends there. Cathy is an excellent teacher! I've learned much from her. I definitely recommend Southern Breeze for lessons and for boarding.

- Renee

This is the most amazing barn I have had the privilege of riding at. Cathy and Rachel are the best. My kids and I all ride here. It’s not just a barn- it’s a community!! I would not ride anywhere else!


- Seane

I’ve been here for six years- and learned more in the first year than I had three years at a different place. The atmosphere is incredibly inviting, they have such a knowledgeable staff and they seriously care about you and your horse. They helped me find my horse and learn about caring for him outside of lessons. I highly recommend SBEC for beginners, advanced riders, and everyone in between!


- Cameron

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